General Dentistry

What is General Dentistry?

At Bonita Dental, we offer top quality service to patients from all ages. From examinations to dental emergencies, you will find everything you need to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful. Our experienced team not only focuses on our clients' needs to find the best solution for them but also on making sure that their teeth stay healthy.

We guarantee that the results you will see here at Bonita Dental will exceed your expectations! Call now to learn more about our specials and financial options or book your appointment now! Se habla español.

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Our Services Include


 A Dental Extraction (or Tooth Extraction) is a procedure that consists on the removal of teeth for many reason but mainly because a tooth is no longer able to be restored. Through extractions toothaches will not be a problem for you

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A Denture is a device designed to replace missing teeth. A Denture is used not only to make your smile look beautiful again but to help with the process of mastication and pronunciation

Dental Emergency

At Bonita Dental we are able to treat any injury you may have experienced in your mouth. By using the best equipment, our professional staff can treat any fractured or cut tooth or even a root canal.

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Through our safe and comfortable sedation practices your experience with dentists will not be what it used to be. At Bonita Dental you will not encounter fear to go to the dentist because of pain. You will be as comfortable and relaxed as possible